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Seahawk vs. Black Hawk Helicopter: What’s the Difference?

By Bill Carson  |  May 11, 2022

At Cutting Dynamics, due to our extensive work in the aerospace and aviation fields, we regularly publish news articles designed to highlight key aspects of the industry.

With our significant work with Black Hawk helicopters, we felt an article discussing it in comparison to the Seahawk would be worthwhile, so we’ve created a Seahawk helicopter vs. Black Hawk guide. Read on to discover key differentiation points between these helicopters.

The Seahawk and Black Hawk Helicopters

The Seahawk and Black Hawk helicopters have both served the United States Navy and Army for several decades. The Black Hawk was first introduced the late 1970s and the Seahawk was quickly introduced shortly after in the mid 1980s.

The Black Hawk was introduced to serve the United States Army for military assault purposes but ended up serving many different applications due to its unique design and capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Seahawk was developed as a multi-mission helicopter based off of the Black Hawk. The Seahawk became a more complex version of the Black Hawk and was designed to suit the needs of the Navy.

Seahawk Helicopter vs. Black Hawk Features and Capabilities

When looking at the Seahawk helicopter vs. Black Hawk, both helicopters offer a range of features and capabilities with unique differences.

The Seahawk helicopter was developed with specific adaptations for Navy usage, with some features and capabilities including:

  • Two turboshaft engines
  • Advanced sensors
  • Folding appendages
  • Specialized anti-corrosive coating
  • Forward tail wheel structure
  • 175 mph

The Black Hawk helicopter designed for the Army and other branches offers a variety of features suited for military needs. Features and capabilities of the Black Hawk include:

  • Fits a crew of three with eleven combat troops
  • Cargo hook for external lift missions
  • Two turboshaft engines
  • Four-bladed main rotor
  • 163 mph

Seahawk Helicopter vs. Black Hawk Applications

Both the Seahawk and Black Hawk have been used in a variety of applications since their development. Although both are used as a military and naval aircraft to serve the United States, the Seahawk and Black Hawk are equipped for varied applications.

Some applications of the Seahawk include:

  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Search and rescue
  • Drug interdiction
  • Medical evacuation
  • Vertical replenishment

The Black Hawk was also designed to be used in various applications and is well-suited to serve the United States and other countries. Applications of the Black Hawk include:

  • Medical evacuation
  • Border patrol
  • Air assault
  • Search and rescue
  • Electronic warfare
  • Firefighting
  • External lift

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