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Aerospace Kitting

Kitting Services

Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can design, develop, and produce kits ranging from those supporting high-volume production to kits that support highly complex applications such as retrofitting, MRO, provisioning, forward stocking, and product improvements complete to your specifications.

Kits are designed to follow your production flow process or maintenance event by utilizing our “color-coded” packaging process, zone/installation packaging, and lot traceability, which ensures full quality compliance.

As an AS9100-certified company, Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can manage a wide variety of kits for OEM, MRO, and after-market applications.

Ours is a unique kitting process. We go beyond the standard order to provide directions to where every sub-kit box and bag is located, guaranteeing that every part you need is in the correct location every time. We want to ensure our solutions meet your needs. That is why we strive to: 

  • Lower your inventory 
  • Maintain or improve readiness 
  • Reduce standard overall cost 
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate your procurement administrative cost 
  • Improve your cycle time 

Black Hawk Kitting

Our Black Hawk UH-60 Phase Maintenance Kits offer a worthwhile solution to your scheduled phase overhauls. In conjunction with the original equipment manufacturer, Sikorsky, we have discussed industry issues, and developed a comprehensive solution to address them. That solution involves: 


Our kits are 100% consumable, using every part within a standard overhaul and leaving no waste.

Color Coding

Our kits are color coded by helicopter zone and packaged in a patented system for easy sorting and assembly, ensuring all required parts are properly placed. 

Sequential Packaging

Kits are arranged in a sequential flow of the maintenance through each zone, giving your team convenient visuals. 


We can supply you with a supplemental kit designed for your company’s specific needs if requested.


We will help you develop a provisioning plan to ensure your Black Hawk kit is ready ahead of aircraft maintenance, significantly reducing lead times and downtime.

Reduced Cost and Time

You can speed up your maintenance processes and get your aircraft back into service quicker by utilizing our UH-60 Black Hawk kits.

Commercial Kitting

We work closely alongside our customers in the commercial sector to guarantee that our manufacturing kitting solutions exceed their industry expectations. Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can customize the contents of your kit and work closely with you to ensure your kitting configurations are exactly what you need. When creating components for large passenger aircraft, we can:  

  • Fulfill high volumes 
  • Meet strict standards 
  • Provide advanced techniques and materials 
  • Use high-quality process to produce safe and reliable parts 

Ongoing Maintenance

Aerospace and aviation companies rely on the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry for essential products and services to keep their aircraft operating. The extensive line of products we create and carry, including our UH-60 Black Hawk phase maintenance kits, can be used for ongoing maintenance after various intervals of flight hours or for complete refurbishment as needed. 

Black Hawk Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs must occur on Black Hawk Helicopters after various intervals of flight hours. We have made this daunting process simple to understand and perform with our efficient Black Hawk kit services. The following phase kits provide reliable, Sikorsky-approved parts that are sorted into five different sections with corresponding colors.  

Black Hawk Maintenance Kits
  • 360-hour 
  • 720-hour 
  • 480-hour 
  • 960-hour 
Additional MRO Services

The MRO industry is constantly advancing and changing technology. The same goes for us at Re:Build Cutting Dynamics.  

Products and Services We Offer
  • Complex machining 
  • Assemblies 
  • Engineering 
  • Aerospace hydroforming 
  • Thermoplastic composites 
  • Hot form titanium components 

Custom Packaging

Re:Build Cutting Dynamics creates custom packaging kits that are unique to your needs with returnable boxes, layout maps, special work instructions and more for the following products:  

  • Spanner Bars 
  • Stringers 
  • Table Arms 
  • Table Slides 
  • Wing Spars 
Aerospace kits boxed and packaged

Production/Assembly Kitting

From large to small applications, Re:Build Cutting Dynamics can fulfill all your complex assembly needs. We have an experienced structural aircraft assembly team that creates assemblies to join multiple parts and components, creating larger sections of aircraft structures and sometimes the entire aircraft. Additionally, our barcoding and electronic record-keeping system makes our kitting department as efficient as possible when managing inventory for large-scale aircraft component kits. Cut your turnaround time by letting us provide all the resources to meet your aerospace assembly needs.  

By working with a variety of materials, we can adapt our assembly services to any type of client. We work with: 

  • #4130 steel 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Titanium 
  • Thermoplastic carbon fiber 

Component Upgrades

With full bar-coded, real-time inventory, a robust traceability system, and the ability to manufacture complete subassembly and major assembly components, we ensure our clients receive a superior kitted product.  

Our dedicated team manages all aspects of the component kitting process, including: 

  • Purchase and manufacturing 
  • Receiving and inspection 
  • Stocking management  
  • Kit picking 
  • Inspection 
  • Final packing 
  • Document management  
  • Shipping logistics 

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