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Decades of Sustained Growth

Cutting Dynamics began in 1985 with three employees and two wire EDM machines on Cleveland’s west side. Since then, we have grown to 200 employees working in a facility of 165,000 square feet by staying ahead of the technology curve and being first to market. In 1987, we established one of the first laser cutting operations in North America, and in 2008 we opened our new hydroforming fluid cell processing center. In 2021, we joined Re:Build Manufacturing, a relationship that has resulted in additional capital investments, further building our team and technology.

CDI Employee using drill press on part
CDI Employee holding a thermoplastic composite part

Quality Assurance in All Industries

While we understand that each project presents unique challenges, our commitment to safety and quality assurance remains unwavering. Here’s why you can trust in our capabilities:

  • Our Experienced Staff – Our team is comprised of trained professionals, resulting in comprehensive support and robust quality management at every stage.
  • Dynamic Measurement Capabilities – At Re:Build Cutting Dynamics, we leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced software for precision measurement. From automated inspections to color-coded reports, our tools empower us to uphold the highest standards of quality.
  • Internal Collaboration – With seamless integration and collaboration across departments, we pool our collective knowledge and expertise to craft products that excel in every aspect, earning customer approval at every turn.
  • Certification for flight-critical applications
  • AS9100 certified
  • ITAR Compliant
  • ISO9001 certified
Quality Control Contact
Ron Straka
Quality Manager
Re:Build Cutting Dynamics Inc.
980 Jaycox Road
Avon, Ohio 44011
Phone: 440-249-4662
Fax: 440-937-4742

Industries We Serve

Backed by our decades of experience, we have developed custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. We understand that each sector has its own set of challenges and requirements, which is why we leverage our extensive knowledge and skills to deliver innovative solutions that drive success.


We create components for passenger aircraft, with capabilities to fulfill high volumes, meet strict standards, provide advanced techniques and materials, and use high-quality processes to produce safe and reliable parts.


Our team is experienced and adept at working with representatives from the defense industry, crafting the vital components they need to maintain the highest standards in safety and functionality. Additionally, we are ITAR compliant.

Two Re:Build CDI employees working on equipment

The exceptional skill of our staff allows us to diversify across many different industries, including industrial. Examples of industrial products we’ve made include components for robotics, factory automation, and plasma cutters.


We began in a small shop with one machine making wheelchair components, since then we have expanded our work to include components for blood chemistry analyzers, oxygen compressors, and clinical therapy instruments.

Space and Satellite

We specialize in the fabrication and assembly of a wide array of components and systems suitable for space and satellite applications. By leveraging our collective expertise and resources, we are able to develop innovative solutions that meet a variety of mission-critical needs. 

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