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Hot Forming Titanium

Shaping Durable, High-Quality Components

Our hot forming press allows us to accommodate the growing demand for titanium aerospace parts. Hot forming offers our customers many advantages including increased accuracy due to the elimination of springback, easier forming of complex shapes with tighter radii, and the inhibition of cracking especially when forming titanium. Utilizing our hot forming services for titanium and other high-temperature alloys is a guaranteed way to get durable, high-quality results.

Guaranteed Quality

Our hot forming titanium press is designed by Beckwood Press. Not only does it ensure those durable, high-quality results, but it is built to last, too. Each hydraulic press frame by Beckwood is designed to the Infinite Life Classification using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software. This tests and guarantees that the design is robust enough to handle even the most taxing industrial applications. In turn, we can guarantee the same high–quality parts every time for years to come.

Ensure temperature uniformity

The press features 30” x 48” heated platens with fabricated TMA® 4505 – a high-strength, heat-resistant alloy developed specifically for high-temperature applications. Each platen has nine heating zones to create uniformity 

Automatically insulated door systems

The press efficiently contains heat within the forming chamber and allows access during part or tool loading and unloading.

Engineered to Beckwood Press’ Infinite Life classification

This classification guarantees that the structure has been designed and tested to handle the most taxing industrial applications using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software. It is built to last.  

Hot Forming for Aerospace

Hot forming is especially necessary in the aviation and aerospace industries because their components often need to be robust, corrosion resistant, high strength and low weight. To achieve that, we create those components using titanium or stainless steel.

Titanium Uses

With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, two-thirds of all titanium alloy is used exclusively in aircraft engines and frames. We also use titanium hot forming for aviation-related projects such as: 

  • Jet engines 
  • Firewalls 
  • Missiles 
Stainless Steel Uses ​

Our hot forming press often transforms stainless steel sheets to produce: 

  • Engine & exhaust components 
  • Landing gear 
  • Key superstructure joints 
Certifications for Flight-Critical Applications
  • AS9100 certified 
  • ISO9001 certified  
  • ITAR compliant

Let’s Connect!

We look forward to discussing how hot formed materials could benefit your products and operations. Contact us today to get started!