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A Guide to Search and Rescue Helicopters

By Bill Carson  |  May 11, 2022

When a rescue mission is conducted, every second counts. Operators need to reach the destination safely and extract the individuals who are in distress, then help evacuate the area while the rescued group is treated and stabilized.

In order to make this happen, it is important to have a reliable search and rescue helicopter, a healthy crew, the right equipment, and quality replacement parts.

Equipping Search and Rescue Helicopters for Success

In a rescue mission, it is important to choose an aircraft that is not only reliable but also able to work with precision and speed. It is essential that the aircraft has a notable range and flexibility, and it should also feature state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities.

Below, we selected a few reliable aircraft, highlighting key functionalities that are often used on search and rescue missions. You will find their aptitudes in the air and their common uses.

AW189 SAR Helicopter for Long-Range Missions

The AW189 helicopter is a newer model that was designed to fulfill long-range, high-endurance missions. It features an unobstructed cabin that can house a rescue crew, stretchers, and materials necessary for the trip. The large capacity makes it ideal for completing missions that involve a larger crew or equipment supply, and it contains the following features:

  • Ability to carry 16-18 passengers
  • Forward-looking infrared radar/TV
  • Steerable searchlight
  • Dual rescue hoist
  • Multiple communication systems
  • Maximum range of 370 km with 12 passengers on board
S-92 SAR Helicopter Equipped with Space

The S-92 Search and Rescue Helicopter is designed to be spacious and versatile. It is equipped to navigate through extreme weather conditions and is intended to be utilized for missions that involve water. Additionally, this search and rescue helicopter is able to fly to geographic waypoints with auto-hover capability. The following benefits optimize its functionality:

  • Digital map
  • Optional auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Emergency floatation system
  • Fuel system designed to reduce the risk of a post-crash fire
  • Accessible cabin with right-side sliding door
  • Ability to carry 21-man life rafts
  • Ability to carry up to ten passengers at a range of 334km
UH-60 Black Hawk for Difficult Terrains

UH-60 Black Hawks are one of the most popular search and rescue helicopters because they are both fast and discrete. They are also built with versatility in mind, granting them the ability to operate through terrains with harsh environmental conditions. This search and rescue helicopter also features the following:

  • Ability to reach speeds up to 163 MPH
  • Only minimal maintenance required
  • Can be armed with weapons
  • A cargo hook for external lift missions
  • Ability to carry up to 15 people or 9,000 pounds

Cutting Dynamics Is Prepared with the Parts You Need

Whether you are looking for equipment for your commercial or defense aircraft, Cutting Dynamics has the solutions for you. Our products are both AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified so that you can feel confident that your parts will be standardized and trustworthy. We provide components for the following areas of your UH-60 search and rescue helicopter:

  • Cockpit (zone 1)
  • Cabin (zone 2)
  • Transition (zone 3)
  • Tail cone (zone 4)
  • Tail rotor pylon (zone 5)
  • Main rotor pylon (zone 6)

More specifically, the Sikorsky and CDI parts we carry include the following:

  • 70249-92021-012
  • 70249-92023-012
  • 70249-92021-013
  • 70249-92023-013
  • 70249-92024-012
  • 70249-92024-013
  • 70249-92024-014
  • PX-70750
  • PX-70950
  • PX-70950M
  • PX-70480
  • PX-70960
  • PX-70960M

Our products are differentiated from those of competitors because we established measurable objectives to maintain quality. Additionally, we make continuous improvements to ensure that the products that you receive are premium and maintain the standards of current technology.

Contact Us Today for Reliable Search and Rescue Helicopter Replacement Parts

Search and rescue helicopters are the cornerstone to rescue missions and disaster recovery. Having replacement parts on hand can be crucial in the execution of saving those in need.

If you are looking for replacement parts or kits for Black Hawk UH-60 search and rescue helicopters, be sure to reach out to our team today.

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