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By Bill Carson  | October 11, 2023

Most notably utilized as a defense missile by the U.S. Navy, Coyote missiles have been trusted for numerous applications and mission types for over two decades. That is why our team wants to take the time to highlight their importance within the defense industry.

Discover the fundamentals of Coyote missile systems and their applications from our team at Re:Build Cutting Dynamics today.

Coyote Missile Systems Defined

As industry experts are aware, Coyote missiles are a type of munition developed to attack targets in a networked “swarm.” Though these missiles work together to coordinate attacks, the Coyote missiles are relatively small, weighing in at around 13 lb each.

These Coyote target missiles also use onboard sensors, processing equipment, and further networking to synch the missiles and enable collaboration during flight and attack. They do so by sharing target data as well as allocating specific missile roles through algorithm analysis.

A Brief History of Coyote Missiles

Even though Coyote missile systems were initially developed in the early 2000s by Raytheon, the concept for these missiles was actually developed by the U.S. Office of Naval Research in the 1990s. To further expand on the idea, free flight tests were run in 2002 to show basic swarming capabilities and assign roles between each of the missiles.

Over the 2000s, more technological development was completed in order to advance the missile’s capabilities as an advanced swarming weapon. It was not until 2010 that Raytheon was able to supply the first operational Coyote missile system to the U.S. Navy after being successfully tested on small boat targets previously.

Since then, Coyote target missiles have been included in a diverse array of Navy ship classes and upgraded for the most up-to-date innovations, making them a staple weapon in the defense industry to this day.

Additional Coyote Target Missile FAQs

How many Coyote missiles are in a typical swarm?

The most common Coyote target missile applications can carry anywhere from four to eight missiles. With a larger swarm, dozens of missiles can be utilized while coordinating launches from various platforms both on the ground and in the air. 

What are some Coyote missile applications?

Along with their use in the naval defense sector, Coyote missile systems are manufactured for the following applications: 

  • Counter swarms
  • Reconnaissance
  • Payload delivery
  • Psychological warfare
  • Asset protection
What are the main targets of a Coyote missile system?

The versatility and agility of Coyote target missiles make them the optimal weapon against vehicles, small boats, and radar sites. 

How long can Coyote missiles take to search for targets?

A Coyote missile can search for its target for approximately 15 minutes before running out of fuel. That is why it is recommended that Coyote missiles be used in missions within their given proximity for more definitive and exact results.

What is the range of a Coyote missile?

As of now, the range of a Coyote missile system extends approximately six nautical miles. This is due to their small size limiting their overall range, as well as the amount of fuel they can hold.

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