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Cutting Dynamics Obtains U.S. Patent for Overmolding Around a Continuous Fiber Composite Structural Blank

October 19, 2018

Avon, OH: Cutting Dynamics, a leading manufacturer of structural components for the aerospace industry, announces the issuance of their United States Patent No. 10,059,078 titled “Injection Molded Composite Blank and Guide”.

The patent teaches technology related to overmolding a composite material containing chopped fibers around a composite structural blank containing continuous fibers. The resulting parts exhibit improved strength in critical areas due to the continuous fiber structural blank, while also allowing for molding of complex shapes around the structural blank.

“To obtain a U.S. patent for this technology is a huge validation of the innovation and technology development that CDI brings to the industry” said CDI President and CEO, Bill Carson.

Commenting on CDI’s unique solution, Carson stated, “Our team originally developed this technology in 2012 for our core aerospace business, but we see a variety of applications for the technology including in the automotive, marine, and construction industries. The possibilities are limitless. So, rather than keep it for ourself we are exploring ways in which those who wish to use the technology may do so.”

If you are interested in having access to this technology please direct your inquiries to CDI‘s patent attorney, Jeffrey Banyas, at +1 330 598 1799.

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